Bathroom Design Tips for Smaller Bathrooms

Everyone dreams of having a bigger bathroom but often, it isn’t physically possible. The bathroom is one of the rooms of the home that you would rarely think about extending, and yet it has such an important job to do. There are some things you can do to maximise space and make the most of […]... Read More

When Might you Need a Plumber?

A plumber can provide invaluable services if you have any issues with your bathroom, but you might be wondering whether you do really need one. It is never nice to feel like you have called someone out without really needing to, so here is some guidance on whether or not you will actually need a […]... Read More

A New Bathroom for the New Year

New Year means one thing for homeowners – making those home improvements you have been putting off in the previous year. If you are thinking about getting a new bathroom in 2019, you can begin doing some forward planning now. Start to think about the designs and styles you would like for your bathroom, and […]... Read More

Bathroom Facilities in an Office Space

Many office are now providing more than just the standard toilet facilities, so that employees can have a shower if they cycle, walk or run into work. This means providing proper bathroom facilities, complete with shower, wash basins and toilets, that are private and comfortable for your employees to use. This isn’t something that companies […]... Read More