About Us

We are an information site set up primarily for the purpose of offering bathroom tips and advice. When it comes to fitting a bathroom, there’s a lot to take into consideration and it can be one of the most complicated rooms to redesign. There are plenty of questions you’ll need to ask, and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin. Many people put off modernising their bathroom because of these difficulties, but as long as you know what to think about and give yourself time to work out the answers, you’ll have a decent head start.

Bathroom configurations can be tricky – you’ll need to know where all of the existing pipework is, and decide whether or not you want to move this around. It could make the process longer and more expensive, but you’ll be able to play around with the floor space and make the most of the room with a brand new layout. A qualified plumber will be able to offer you advice on what is possible, and by reading through our handy blog, you can approach them with some ideas about how you’d like your new room to look and feel.

We also offer advice on bathroom products, giving you the opportunity to decide which suites and accessories you like. You can choose from modern, classic and traditional styles to achieve the finished look which you’d like for your home. Whilst aesthetics are highly important, we focus on the practicalities too. There’s no point choosing something which looks good but won’t perform in the way you want it to, so we advise on both to allow you to form a balanced conclusion.

Have a look through our helpful blog posts for tips and tricks when it comes to renovating your bathroom, and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

We hope you enjoy looking around and that you’re excited to start work on your beautiful new bathroom!