Bathroom Facilities in an Office Space

Many office are now providing more than just the standard toilet facilities, so that employees can have a shower if they cycle, walk or run into work. This means providing proper bathroom facilities, complete with shower, wash basins and toilets, that are private and comfortable for your employees to use. This isn’t something that companies […]... Read More

Can you Plumb in a Shower yourself?

Any kind of plumbing can be tricky, but plumbing in a shower is usually going to be especially tricky. It requires lots of knowledge of plumbing systems, and the ability to detect where pipes are located and where all of the systems connect up. Whilst there is no legal requirement for a plumber to carry […]... Read More

Digital Showers – Yay or Nay?

To help bring your bathroom into the modern age, have you considered installing a digital shower for your showering pleasure? Containing just a simple processor box, these high-quality digital showers are easy to install and even easier to use. Simply set your desired temperature and the integrated valve will thermostatically blend your water to the […]... Read More

Why You Should Have An Electric Shower

There many reasons why we recommend the electric shower. Electric showers are a sensible, power-saving product. They heat water from your cold water supply as and when required, saving on unnecessary water heating and power usage. The main downside is that their flow tends to be weaker than that which you might get from other […]... Read More