When Might you Need a Plumber?

A plumber can provide invaluable services if you have any issues with your bathroom, but you might be wondering whether you do really need one. It is never nice to feel like you have called someone out without really needing to, so here is some guidance on whether or not you will actually need a […]... Read More

A New Bathroom for the New Year

New Year means one thing for homeowners – making those home improvements you have been putting off in the previous year. If you are thinking about getting a new bathroom in 2019, you can begin doing some forward planning now. Start to think about the designs and styles you would like for your bathroom, and […]... Read More

Waterproofing Your Bathroom

With gravity, water will always find the easiest and quickest route downwards. If a weak point or crack develops in your floor or walls, or gaps form in the sealant between your walls and bath, water can easily start to seep through and will soon find its way into the ground floor of your house. […]... Read More

Repair Your Cracked Bathtub?

Most bathtubs that aren’t cast iron or steel are acrylic plastic, therefore if the crack is right through the tub and water is leaking, though, you should replace the tub. If it’s an emergency and you need a short-term repair, we recommend using a two-part epoxy. Choose a thin epoxy (2:1 ratio) from the selection […]... Read More