How to Install Tiles Effectively

Tiles can easily be installed as a DIY project, as it is one of the easier jobs to complete in a bathroom. However, you do need to know what you are doing before you begin, otherwise you will end up with wonky tiles. Here is a guide to installing your tiles effectively:

  • When you begin, you need to ensure you have a way of lining the tiles up in a straight line. You might want to nail a piece of wood to the bottom of the wall, as this will give you a straight line that will be a good base for your tiles.
  • Put the paste onto the back of the tiles and put the tiles along the bottom line and line them up neatly.
  • You can then install the other tiles by pressing them up neatly against the other tiles.
  • Install the grouting. You can apply this across all the tiles, and it will dry in the cracks.