Floor Tiles in a Bathroom – the Options

Nobody choose to have carpet in a bathroom any more. A damp environment calls for tiled or laminate flooring that is going to be hard wearing and easy to maintain. There are plenty of tile options for bathrooms if you shop in a bathroom, kitchen or building store.

The main thing to decide is if you are going to have real tiles, made from a material like slate or ceramic, or if you are going to have laminate. Laminate can be made to look very much like real tiles, or you can choose a plain laminate. Tiles will look beautiful but you must bear in mind they are going to be a lot more expensive. Despite this, many laminates are not cheap either, especially if they are designed to look like real tiles. Laminate may also be more practical, as it is not cold and slippery like tiles. Think about cost, practicality and aesthetics.